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We thus ensure that our students receive hands on exposure to every aspect of health care.

Hands on experience are not an addition to the nursing curriculum but an essential part of the programme itself. It provides student nurses a firsthand feel of patient care. It also helps students to adjust to the rigors of hospital environment and takes the classroom into the real world of diagnostics and treatment.

Assisi School of Nursing students receive their clinical experience at our parent institution, the Assisi Hospital, Mukkoottuthara P.O., Erumely, Kottayam Dist. But to make practical training rich and dynamic, we also place our students with other major hospitals and medical institutions in Kottayam.  We thus ensure that our students receive hands on exposure to every aspect of health care. We provide clinical facility in Assisi Hospital (Parent Hospital), Mary Queens Mission Hospital Kanjirappally, General Hospital Kanjirapplly, Upasana Hospital Pala, Community Health Centre  Erumely. Faculty members accompany students clinical work to enrich the learning experience and to ensure n compliance with the norms of patient care.


Assisi Hospital, Mukkoottuthara

Assisi Hospital, Mukkoottuthara, was established in 1987 by Franciscan sisters, with 100 beds to provide health care facilities to the remote parts of Kottayam District. It is now owned and managed by the DIOCESE OF VIJAYAPURAM, under the patronage of RT. REV. DR. SEBASTIAN THEKKETHECHERIL. Assisi Hospital is a 250 bedded Multi specialty hospital with specialties in 24×7 Emergency Department, General Medicine, obstetrics & gynecology, Pediatrics General & Orthopedic Surgery, ENT, Dental and Psychiatry . The year 2012 is marked with the establishment of collegiate programme and Subsequent development in the clinical area with new Departments &Infrastructure

Assisi School of Nursing


Upasana Hospital
Taluk Head Quarters

    Palampra P.O., Kanjirapally, KottayAm, Kerala

    Mary Queens is a full fledged hospital capable of providing total health care. The 250 bedded hospital has elaborate in-patient and outpatient facilities. The hospital offers specialized treatments for most of human ailments. Experienced medical specialists and experienced para-medical personnel join hands to render dedicated service and care to all.As a centre of modern medicine Mary Queens Mission Hospital is different. Thousands and thousands of patients and their dear and near ones experience this difference for the last fifty years. Mary Queens is different because here we are giving personalized care.

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    Lourdes Hospital, in 50 years, has scripted one of the most magnificent stories of Love in Service. The Archdiocese of Verapoly found Pachalam as the therapeutic landscape in the district plagued by gaps in health infrastructure, delivery and affordability. With half a century old saga, Lourdes Hospital relentlessly reaches out to the community guided by the needs of patients and their families. The cost of treatment at Lourdes has continuously been lower than any other healthcare institutions.

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    The Nursing Computer Lab Coordinator is available to assist students in their learning. As well, our peer mentoring program allows nursing students to assist their peers with learning. Peer Mentors are 3rd or 4th year nursing students who are hired into the lab based on recommendations by Clinical Instructors. Peer Mentors are available at select times daily to assist students with skill practice.

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  • Taluk Head Quarters Hospital


    The Health Services perform the chief function of delivery of primary health care in a wholesome manner. Preventive and promotive health care in addition to the routine curative services and rehabilitation aspects of health care constitute the main activities of the department. The activities include the establishment and maintenance of medical institutions with necessary infrastructure, control of communicable diseases, rendering of Family Welfare services including Maternal and Child Health Services, implementation of National Control / Eradication programmes providing curative services and administration.

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